In the tradition of old school raconteurs.... Loved it.

This book is a bit like taking a trip with no stress...something I expect few, if any, have ever managed. The plot is taut, the action immediate and the characters are engaging and though, terribly accomplished in ALL things, the writer still makes them likable and not stilted. There's the un named character as well: Louisiana. You feel a deep well of knowledge and love flowing from the author's pen there and, being an old time resident of that state, I easily sang along with his love song. I felt a character was missing: the weather; but, heck that would have made the book twice as long. Reading it, I thought, "I know this place. I know these people." I forgot it was a book and not an actual story and I cant think of higher praise. It made me sad to put it down at night and excited to pick it back up the next day. First rate inaugural outing. I warmly recommend it to any who like a bit of everything in their stories, good food, good booze, good cars, guns, locales wrapped in a neat little mystery. Bon Temps indeed!

E. S. Parker