Trent and Darcy's no. 1 fan has read the book twice.

This book gets more interesting the second time you read. I could not help but get way too involved. I did not even hear my door bell ring while reading. Thank you for such a twist in a book. It more than a mystery.

6 Hour Thrill Ride.

Perhaps you don’t eat books but I ate this one in about 6 hours. Whether you do or don’t is immaterial, this one is worth strapping on your bib! Gordon Parker, in his sophomore effort, “Neighbor’s and Other Strangers” is fast on his way to giving us a superlative new twist on an old classic. He’s giving us modern pulp fiction. In no way do I consider “pulp” a criticism since some of my favorite author’s: Ray Bradbury, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Louis L’Amour were masters of that kind of multi-genre, affordable fiction. Parker’s work is pacey, concise and slightly louche in all the best ways. It is action, adventure, mystery, thrills, fun and food all in one…there are guns and cars for the guys (and girls) and food, cocktails and fashion for the girls (and guys). Are we talking high literature? No—and why would you want to if this is the book you’ve picked? We ARE talking a solid and engaging story, likable characters and villains you can hate without any remorse. Here’s a book with all the attributes of top film noir and a good spaghetti western between two covers—Bogart and Bacall meet Clint Eastwood get in a souped-up road machine, tear up some highway with their guns blazing and end their day, as the sun slips over the yardarm, with a French 75 and killer gumbo. Like I said, strap on your bib and tuck in! It’s good eating…I mean reading.

Another great read from Mr. Parker.

Great the characters, the romance, the action and intrigue, and the food!!

Awaiting the third in this trilogy... if the first two are any gauge, the third will be the topper!

L Thornton

A five star adventure!

Learn who Jimmy Shadow is and what he did? Why was Miles not killed? And how can Trent survive ? And there’ s more that unravels after you begin this must read!

Great thriller.

Quite a thriller! Cool how Gordon worked in lost Confederate gold...Civil War history...modern-day..romance...violence...murders...who done irresistible combination. Writing style is staccato bursts, like machine-gun fire, adding to the film-noir feel.