The thrilling adventures of Trent Marshall and Darcey Anderson begin!

Jackson Square
Dominated for almost three hundred years by the magnificent St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square is the center of New Orleans’ famous Vieux Carre’, or as it is more commonly known, the French Quarter. In The Empty Mint Mystery, it is there among “…the tourists, musicians, magicians, fortune tellers and artists, both portrait and con…” where Trent Marshall quotes Sherlock Holmes as he shares with Darcey Anderson his belief that the best way to avoid being noticed is to “…hide in plain sight.”
New Orleans Mint
The United States Mint in New Orleans was full of gold bullion when it was seized by the State of Louisiana, and later the Confederacy, in 1861. When Union forces retook the city a year later, no gold was found. Who was responsible for its disappearance? That’s the one hundred fifty year old puzzle challenging Trent Marshall and Darcey Anderson in The Empty Mint Mystery. They must find the secret of the missing gold while eluding villains who are willing to murder anyone in their way as they, too, seek the long lost fortune.
San Francisco Cable Car
Danger awaits in the City by the Bay as Trent Marshall and Darcey Anderson face a super alliance of criminal gangs engaged in international money laundering and murder.
Auke Bay
As he watched the boats in Auke Bay, the assassin avoided the birch and other deciduous trees. He sought instead the safety of the thick spruce of Southeast Alaska’s forests.
  •  The Empty Mint Mystery

    The Empty Mint Mystery

    Darcey Anderson crouched in the bushes trying hard to be invisible. She hoped the man in the pickup truck wouldn’t see her but held the small, silver-plated revolver ready as insurance. Two innocent people had already been murdered. She was determined she wouldn’t be the third. How did she get here? It was only a few days ago that she was working in her San Francisco office. When her mother called asking for help, Darcey Read More
  • Neighbors and Other Strangers

    Neighbors and Other Strangers

    Trent Marshall dropped from the overhanging limb of the oak tree onto the manicured grass of the fenced-in estate. He moved silently through the dark toward the lights of the compound, the barrel of the powerful Desert Eagle steadily pointing the way. He wouldn’t allow himself to think about Darcey Anderson and her executive assistant, Miles Diaz-Douglas. This was the time to focus on the man who threatened their lives. Trent intended to demonstrate it Read More
  • A Shooting at Auke Bay

    A Shooting at Auke Bay

    Darcey Anderson stared at the lights of Juneau reflecting off the water of Gastineau Channel. She saw none of the beauty of Alaska's capital city. In her mind, she still was looking at the body of her husband, Trent Marshall, lying bleeding on the deck of the yacht. His father's friend, Robert Monk, covered Trent's body with his own, the small, semiautomatic handgun searching for a target. Captain Hannigan, skipper of the Nanuq, knelt beside Read More
  • Authors Bio

    Authors Bio

    The Empty Mint Mystery is the first in the adventures of Trent Marshall and Darcey Anderson. Their search for a long-lost treasure takes them from New Orleans to Toledo Bend in Northwest Louisiana’s Sabine Parish. Along the way they encounter betrayal, kidnapping, and murder, all in the course of a normal day for our hero and heroine. I have a lot in common with Trent and Darcey. I was born “Louisiana proud.” So were they. Read More
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